Peter O'Connor

0412 319 720

Peter O’Connor is a leatherworker and printmaker. He brings a printmaker’s attention to the fine detail work required for the kind of hand construction involved in making leather satchels. His prints betray his love of landscape, both rural and urban, and of the creatures he discovers in these places. Meticulously worked, his images are etched into copper and printed onto high-quality printmaking papers using traditional intaglio techniques. The depth and richness provided by this kind of craft is unmatched by contemporary digital printing technologies.

Influenced by spaghetti westerns, horse-riding cowboys, western boots and Clint Eastwood, Peter’s satchels are practical and hard-wearing – they are built to stand the test of time. The satchels reflect an old-fashioned sensibility combined with an artist's appreciation of colour and texture. Peter’s palette tends toward the earthy and natural: tans, ochres, browns and the occasional deep blue and unexpected stop-sign red.

Peter makes four styles of satchel. Two are modelled on classic, turn-of-the-century styles; the other two on the American western style. Owners of Peter's satchels consider themselves members of an exclusive club; some own more than one. Custom orders take into consideration the modern cowboy and cowgirl's need to tote laptops and mobile phones.

Peter is currently setting up a printmaking studio on Level 4 that will provide studio facilities to fellow artists and space to exhibit print works. It is expected that Industrial Inc. will open in July 2009.

Brisbane Ranges
Cafe @ 5

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