Kanga Kanga Japanese Magazines

Kanga Kanga Japanese magazine shop

Level 9, Studio 8 has just moved into the Nicholas and will be taking part in this years open studio event!

opening hours
 monday to friday 12-7pm,
saturday 12-6
 sunday closed

Turn a different page on fashion, start from the back of a cool Japanese magazine.
 Fashion-focused Melburnians don’t need to read Japanese to be inspired by magazines popular in Harajuku, Shibuya and Tokyo. The only thing to know is that Japanese magazines start where English magazines end – you read them from right to left (or back to front).

From oh-my-gosh street fashions to unusual architecture and design, Kanga Kanga has over 200 titles to turn your idea of cool on its head.

The secret’s out
 For the past eight years, Kanga Kanga Japanese magazine shop has been an almost ‘secret’ destination for in-the-know overseas students and savvy locals. That hasn’t changed. Only now, the shop’s joined the eclectic cache of creators and retailers at the Nicholas Building.

Most customers can’t read a word of Japanese. They simply crave a distinctly hip-Nippon take on fashion and design that isn't easily found in New York, London or Paris – or Melbourne.

One of the distinctive fashion trends to emanate from Japan is known as Lolita. Some fabulous individuals who prefer this style get fashion inspiration – as well as their unique outfits – from Kanga Kanga.

Kanga Kanga imports a select range of Japanese-made fashion by designers, Innocent World and Elements, H.

Free magazine search service

The ‘Find-it-san’ of Japanese magazines in Melbourne is Mr Tanaka. If there’s a publication you’ve seen in Japan, or you’ve heard about, he is your man for sourcing hard-to-find Japanese magazines, books and ‘mooks’ (which is a Japanese term for half-magazine, half-book).

Customers have enlisted Taka Tanaka’s help to find all kinds of magazines, for various purposes and interests. For example, he tracked down auto-tuning magazines for specific types of 1970s Japanese cars for local enthusiasts who were looking to modify their old Datsuns.

Taka-san is happy to help you search for any publication available for sale in Japan. This is a complimentary customer service.

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