Roxanne Watts - Jet Jeweller, Maker

I began making and selling my Jet jewellery whilst I was a student studying Gold and Silversmithing at University. I am an attentive lover of Victorian jewellery and art. Through my research I came across Whitby Jet, which is a fossilised black gemstone from the monkey-puzzle tree. I have trained in Australia and overseas to gain the knowledge that now forms my basis of making. I combine traditional techniques, design and materials with contemporary practices to create my limited edition or one of custom designs. My range specialises in featuring black stones ranging from the " black as night " Whitby Jet and includes black spinel, onyx, cz and black diamonds.

On the light side of my making I delve into carving mammoth tusk from the prehistoric mastodon elephant. This tusk is not classed as ivory as mammoths naturally became extinct during the ice age. Tusk is a beautiful cream coloured material, it is a subtly patterned material that I use as a gem to compliment my dark pieces.
All of my Whitby Jet and Mammoth tusk pieces are traditionally hand cut, faceted and finished in my studio.
For exhibition pieces I use larger Whitby Jet pieces and cloisonné enamel, combining traditional techniques and materials with contemporary materials such as aluminium, ebonite and mild steel.
I am honored to design and make wedding rings for people looking for the more unusual styled item.
I love making, creating, exhibiting and I always try to evolve my practice.

I divide my time between creating works in the studio, sessional teaching at CAE as well as working in the TV industry on film.

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