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State Library of Victoria Creative Fellowship

June 2012 - June 2013 
Nicholas Jones has just completed a 12 month creative fellowship at the State Library of Victoria, here is what he's been up to... 

"In early 2011 I applied for a State Library of Victoria Creative Fellowship. My concept, to develop a series of works inspired by the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first atlas ever to be purpose printed in 1570. A series of original coastlines cut into the covers of atlases and books. The use of landmasses and coastlines had become a focus in my work and the thought of making a whole global series was very exciting.
From spending time with this original text the scale and ambition of the project quickly started to grow. Over the 12 months I produced over 20 works, as well as making a number of commissions for the University of Melbourne Library, The Melbourne Welsh Church and private collections.
The State Library is an institution of huge resource, human knowledge as well as books and archives. I gained an insight into all facets of the library and its employees, feeling that the works produced at SLV have more gravitas than works produced at other studios. This rare opportunity inspired me into producing the quality and quantity of work. Having the opportunity to be exposed to hundreds of years old books and items of historical significance not always on display, has given me and a new respect for state cultural institutions like the SLV".

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